Time Zone

How is the Time Zone set?

The Time Zone is calculated in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). The Dash Cam automatically sets the Date, so only the Time Zone needs to be changed.

What UTC Value do I choose?

Time Zone (UTC):

PST (Pacific Standard Time) -8:00
MST (Mountain Standard Time) -7:00
CST (Central Standard Time) -6:00
EST (Eastern Standard Time) -5:00

How to change the Time Zone Setting

1. Connect to the Dash Cam via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

2. Select Dash Cam Settings > System Settings

3. Under Time Zone select the desired UTC Value

4. Ensure the Daylight Savings Time Setting has been set. For further information, click here.

5. Tap the back arrow in the top-left to save your changes.

Note: The settings vary depending on the dash cam model

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