Compatible SD Cards and Capacity

Compatible SD Cards

Please be advised that Thinkware Memory Cards are highly recommended as it is the only brand that is guaranteed to be compatible with our dashcams.

Even though Non-Thinkware brand memory cards meet the microSD card requirements, each manufacturer uses slightly different file settings and systems that vary between batches.

As such we cannot guarantee the performance or recommend Non-Thinkware brand memory cards with our products.


Why use a Thinkware SD Card?

A Reliable MicroSD card paired with the dashcam is vital because many lower-end sd's fail quickly and risk the loss of crucial footage. In our experience, the best MicroSD Card for your Thinkware Dash Cam is the Thinkware Memory Cards.

Thinkware SD Cards feature our "SPOR" technology. This "Sudden Power Off Recovery" ensures that no footage is lost due to corruption if power is lost suddenly.


Will a third-party SD Card work in the Dash Cam?

Third-Party SD Cards may potentially cause rebooting, lost footage, gaps in recording, and corrupting the SD Card itself.

This depends solely on the type and brand of MicroSD Card used.

Please note that using a third-party SD card is at your own risk.


SD Card Maximum Capacity per Model:



U1000 F800PRO
Q800PRO F200 PRO
QA100 ELITE F200
X1000 FA200



F800 X700
F770 X550
F750 X500
F70 X350
F50 X330
F100 X300





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