Powering your Thinkware Dash Cam

Thinkware Dash Cams do not feature a built-in battery and require a constant power source to function. 

There are 4 methods to power your Thinkware Dash Cam.

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 The 12V Power Cable


Thinkware Dash Cams typically include the 12V Power Cable which plugs into the 12V outlet in your vehicle.

  • Powers the camera in Continuous Mode only
  • Provided with most Thinkware Dash Cams (depending on the bundle)
  • Plug and Play
  • Does not provide access to parking mode features and settings
  • Can potentially drain the vehicle's battery if used with a constant 12V Outlet

Always-on Outlet Disclaimer

Some vehicles may feature a 12V outlet that has power when the vehicle is off.

Even with an outlet that has constant power, the dashcam will not switch over to Parking Mode.

The 12V Power Cable does not enable the Dash Cams Parking Mode as it is missing the necessary ACC Wire. 

Running the Dash Cam with the 12V Power Cable for an extended period of time while away from the vehicle risks draining the vehicle's battery completely. If your vehicle has a 12V Outlet with constant power the dashcam has to be manually disconnected to prevent drainage.  

The Hardwiring Cable


The Hardwiring Cable is an optional accessory that enables the Dash Cams Parking Mode.

The Hardwiring Cable has a constant wire to provide constant power to the Dash Cam at all times. It also has an Accessory Wire which loses power once the ignition is off and a Ground Wire. When the Accessory wire detects that the ignition is off by the loss of power, the dashcam will switch to Parking Mode automatically.  

  • Connects to the Fuse Box directly
  • Enables Parking Mode
  • Professional Installation Recommended 
  • Optional Accessory sold separately (depending on bundle)

The OBD-II Power Cable


The OBD-II Power Cable connects to the OBD port in the cabin of your vehicle. This cable provides power to the dashcam at all times, enabling the Parking Mode feature.

We do have two versions of the OBD Power Cable.

The Echomaster OBD-II Cable also provides a Passthrough Port in which another device can be connected to the OBD-II port simultaneously with the dashcam.  

  • Powers the Dash Cam in Continuous and Parking Mode
  • OBD-II Passthrough, in which the OBD-II Port can be used by other accessories simultaneously. *Echomaster version only
  • Enables the Parking Mode Features
  • Plug and Play
  • Not compatible with Hybrid/Electric Vehicles
  • Not compatible with active Start and Stop technology
  • Optional Accessory sold separately 

iVolt Mini Battery Pack


The iVolt Mini Battery Pack is a dedicated battery designed to power the Dash Cam for an extended amount of time in Parking Mode. The iVolt connects to the Dash Cam directly to provide power. The iVolt Mini Battery Pack is also hardwired to the fuse box to charge while the ignition is on.  

  • Powers the Thinkware Dash Cam in Continuous and Parking Mode
  • Safe for Luxury Vehicles
  • Provides an extended parking mode
  • Avoids wear and tear on the vehicle's battery
  • Professional Installation recommended
  • Hardwiring Cable required for installation (sold separately)

Which Power Option do I choose?

When choosing the best way to power your Thinkware Dash Cam the main point to consider is if you want the utilize the Dash Cam's parking mode.

The OBD-II Cable, Hardwiring Cable, and iVolt Battery Pack enable Parking Mode and the corresponding Parking Settings.

The easiest wiring to install which enables Parking Mode is the OBD-II Cable. This is a plug-and-play cable that is simple and quick to install yourself.

The Hardwiring Cable has a more complex installation than that of the OBD-II. We highly recommend professional installation to prevent incorrect wiring. However, we do offer a Hardwiring Tutorial Video on our Youtube Channel. 

The 12V Power Cable is a safe option if you do not wish to use the Parking Mode. This cable easily plugs into the 12V outlet in the vehicle’s cabin. The 12V Power Cable powers the dashcam while in Continuous Mode and does not enable the Parking Mode option. 

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