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What is the Brightness Setting?

The Brightness Setting adjusts the exposure of the dash cam for either the Front or Rear Camera.

If your vehicle has tinted windows, you may want to adjust the brightness if the footage is appearing too dark.

How to alter the Dash Cams Brightness

1) Connect to the Dashcam via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

2) Select Dash Cam Settings > Camera Settings

3) Select your preferred brightness level for both the Front and Rear Cameras.

4) Select the back arrow in the top-left to finalize your changes.


  • We recommend keeping the Brightness at Mid for both the Front and Rear Cameras.
  • If using an LCD Model, this can be changed in the same manner by navigating on the LCD Screen.
  • If using an F50/F70/F100 Model, this can be altered in the Settings.exe file on the MicroSD Card.
  • The settings vary depending on the dash cam model


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