Continuous Incident Sensitivity


Continuous Incident Sensitivity

Do you ever hear a "Double Beep" while driving over a pothole or rough road conditions?

This is the Dash Cams G-Sensor thinking an accident has occurred. 

Depending on the vehicle you drive, the G-Sensor may be triggered more frequently. For example, if you have a lower vehicle with a harder suspension, the sensitivity should be lowered. 

Adjusting the Continuous Incident Sensitivity

Follow the instructions below to set your Continuous Incident Sensitivity level.

1. Connect to the dash cam via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

2. Select Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings

3. Select your desired level for Continuous Incident Sensitivity

4. To finalize your changes, click on the back arrow in the top-right.

Recommendations for Sensitivity

High - Luxury vehicles

Low - Performance cars, trucks, and SUVs

Disabled* - No incident recordings saved to the memory card. 


  • *This will completely disable the incident recording feature.
  • The settings vary depending on the dash cam model


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