Setting the Parking Mode

Selecting the Parking Mode

To enable the dashcams Parking Mode, you are required to have your DashCam hardwired.

For information on ways to power your Thinkware Dash Cam, click here.

Enabling the Parking Mode allows your dashcam to continue to record videos when the ignition is off.

Motion Detection

 Initiates a recording when there is motion present in front of a camera lens or impact to the vehicle. 

Motion Detection mode records 10 seconds before the Motion/Impact up until 10 seconds after (20-second clip).


Records 2 frames per second (10 minute period condensed into a 2-minute video clip), provides you a continuous parking surveillance recording.

 Records Impacts (50 seconds before impact, up until 50 seconds after)

Does not record Audio

Energy Savings Mode (1.0/2.0)

In the Energy Saving Mode, the DashCam enters a “sleep mode” to conserve the car battery life and “wakes up” when an impact is detected to save the footage instantaneously.

Records 1 second after the impact up until 20 seconds after.

[U1000] When paired with the RADAR Module Accessory, all clips in Energy Savings are 10 seconds before the impact until 10 seconds after.

[U1000] All Cloud Features disabled in Parking Mode when Energy Savings is selected.

How to Enable the Parking Mode Setting;

Follow the instructions below to enable the parking mode setting;

  1. Connect to the Dashcam via WiFi or Hotspot
  2. Select Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings
  3. Select your desired Parking Mode.
  4. Once you are done, click on the back arrow in the top-left to finalize your changes.


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