Wintertime Battery Protection

The Wintertime Battery Protection Setting

The Wintertime Battery Protection Setting powers off the dashcam earlier in colder months to protect your vehicle's battery.

During extreme cold, your vehicle's battery can deviate and drain quicker. This setting prevents returning to a drained battery during these cold months.

*Only applicable for users with their Thinkware Dash Cam Hardwired and with the Parking Mode and Battery Protection Settings Enabled

How does the Wintertime Battery Protection Setting protect your battery?

Thinkware dash cams have a built-in voltage meter. It is designed for the dashcam to automatically power off in the event voltage level is lower than configured value for more than 5 mins in order to prevent car battery drainage. Winter battery protection sets the dashcam to turn off at 0.2V higher than your setting.

 Follow the instructions below to enable the Wintertime Battery Protection Setting;

1) Connect to the Dash Cam with WiFi or Hotspot 

2) Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings

3) First, ensure the Parking Mode has been setup.

If you have yet to set up the Parking Mode on your Dash Cam, click here.

4) Ensure the Battery Protection Setting has been enabled and a voltage cut off level has been selected.

To learn about the Battery Protection Setting, click here.

5) Select the months where you may experience cold conditions. On these selected months, the dashcam will automatically turn off at 0.2V higher than the usual battery voltage.

6) Once you are done, click on the back arrow in the top-right to finalize your changes.


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