Battery Protection

What is the Battery Protection Setting?

Thinkware dash cams have a built-in voltage meter. It is designed for the dashcam to automatically power off in the event voltage level is lower than configured value for more than 5 mins to prevent car battery drainage.

*Requires dash cam to be hardwired and parking mode enabled.

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To read more about the setup for the Dash Cams Parking Mode, click here.

How to enable the Battery Protection Setting 

1) Connect to the Dash Cam via WiFi or Hotspot

2) Select Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings

3) Ensure the Parking Mode Setting is enabled.

4) Click on Enabled to turn on the Battery Protection Setting.

5) Select the appropriate battery voltage setting for your vehicle. (Recommended Setting: 12.2v)

6) Click on the back arrow in the top-right to finalize your changes.

*Vehicles with a 24V Battery select from the 24V Section. The Dash Cam auto-detects which size battery you are using.


How to determine the best Voltage Cut Off Selection for your vehicle;

We recommend starting with the Voltage Cut Off at 12.2V.

1) Run the Dash Cam overnight in Parking Mode. 

2) When you enter the vehicle the next day lightly shake the DashCam and listen for a double-beep noise, and the REC LED lit up on the device.

This will tell you if the Dash Cam is still powered on, or if it has shut down due to the Voltage Cut Off. If the Dash Cam is still in Parking Mode the 12.2V cut off selection is good for you.

*If the Dash Cam has powered off completely, we need to lower the Voltage Cut Off so the Dash Cam powers down later.

If the Dash Cam is powering down early;

1) Review the Dash Cams Footage for Parking Mode in the Mobile App or on your Home Computer. Review the First Video the Dash Cam recorded in Parking Mode after turning off the ignition.

What is the Voltage Level in the bottom-left?

This value shows the voltage level your battery drops to when the ignition is off. This value will typically be between 12.0-14.0v depending on the battery size and age.

2) Review the last recorded file in Parking Mode before the Dash Cam powered down. 

Note the Voltage Level. This should match the Voltage Cut Off Selected for Battery Protection.

Note the time.

3) Lower the Voltage Cut Off Setting as desired and test again to determine how long your Parking Mode will last.

4) Repeat until you have found the optimal voltage cut off setting for your battery.



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