Battery Protection (Voltage Cut Off)



What is the Battery Protection Setting?

All Thinkware Dash Cams feature the Battery Protection (Voltage Cut Off) Setting to ensure you will not return to the vehicle to a low or dead battery.

The Dash Cam will automatically power down once the vehicle's battery voltage level is lower than the selected value for more than 5 minutes. 


If the Vehicle's Battery Voltage level is lower than the selected Battery Protection value when entering Parking Mode, the Dash Cam will be unable to recognize this threshold and can drain the vehicle's battery completely.

To determine the optimal Battery Protection (Voltage Cut-Off) value for your vehicle, please click here.

Enable the Battery Protection Setting 

1. Connect to the Dash Cam via WiFi or Hotspot

2. Select Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings

3. Ensure that you have enabled the desired Parking Mode.

4. Tap "Enabled" to turn on the Battery Protection Setting.

5. Select the appropriate battery voltage setting for your vehicle.

6. Tap the back arrow at the top-left to finalize your changes.

*Vehicles with a 24V Battery select from the 24V Section. The Dash Cam auto-detects which size battery you are using.


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