[U1000, Q800PRO, F800PRO, F800 ] Forward Collision Warning System

What is the Forward Collision Warning System?

The FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) is designed to alert the driver when the vehicle is approaching the vehicle in front too close in distance.

The functions of the FCWS have limitations. Always pay attention to how close you follow another vehicle.

The system is not designed to compensate for a driver’s lack of caution and if you rely too much on the FCWS, it could lead to an accident.

How to enable the Forward Collision Warning System;

 1. Connect to the Dash Cam via WiFi or Hotspot

2. Select Dash Cam Settings > Road Safety Settings

3. Under FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) select the desired sensitivity level.

4. Click the back arrow in the top-left to save your changes.

*The recommended setting is Mid



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