[Thinkware Cloud] Registering your Dash Cam

Registering your Thinkware Dash Cam

To utilize the Thinkware Cloud Features, the first step is registering your Dash Cam.

Registering your Thinkware Dash Cam consists of creating your Thinkware Account and connecting the Dash Cam to Hotspot on your Smartphone.

Compatible Thinkware Dash Cams

The following Dash Cams can be registered for Cloud Features.

  • F800PRO
  • Q800PRO / QA100 ELITE
  • U1000

*Thinkware Dash Cams without Cloud Features cannot be registered. 

Registering your Thinkware Dash Cam

1. Download the Thinkware Cloud App from the App Store. 

2. Select ... symbol 

                    ② SIGN IN 

                    ③ THINKWARE Sign up


3. Fill out the required information.

 ④ Email address (ID)

 ⑤ Nick Name

 ⑥ Password

 ⑦ Confirm Password

 ⑧ Terms of Service

 ⑨ Privacy Policy

 ⑩ Subscribe to Our Newsletter (Optional) 

 ⑪ Sign Up


*Your password must be; 8 to 12 characters in length with at least 1 letter and number.

The only allowed special characters are (! @ # $ % ^ * ~)

4. Open the Confirmation Email in your email inbox.

*If you are not receiving the Confirmation Email, please click here.


                   ⑬ Input your account credentials.

                   ⑭ Tap SIGN IN 

                   ⑮ Confirm that you're signed in on thinkware.com


6. Return to the Thinkware Cloud App

          ⑯ ⑰ Input your account credentials

          ⑱ SIGN IN

          ⑲ Select "Yes" to receive push notifications.

          ⑳ Enable Push Notifications for the desired features.


7. To finish the registration, connect the Dash Cam to your Smartphone's Hotspot.

Once connected to the Smartphones Hotspot, the following screen will pop up confirming the registration.

*If connected via Hotspot and this pop-up does not appear, your Thinkware Account has not been confirmed. Ensure you are logged into your Thinkware Account and this has been confirmed as above.


To enable the Thinkware Cloud Features, next enable the Network Function Setting.

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