[Thinkware Cloud - Android] How to Connect via Hotspot

Connecting your Thinkware Dash Cam to a Hotspot will allow you to use the Thinkware Cloud Features such as Locate Vehicle, Geo-fencing, Remote Live View, and Impact Video Notification/Upload.

*Compatible Hotspot Devices: Smartphone Hotspot, built-in-vehicle hotspot, external hotspot device, wifi router.

*Thinkware Cloud Features are not accessible via Thinkware WiFi connection to the dash cam.

Compatible Dash Cams

1. F800PRO *Cloud Features are not available in parking mode.

2. Q800PRO/QA100 ELITE *Cloud Features are not available in parking mode.

3. U1000

How to Connect via Hotspot (First Time)

1. Download the Thinkware Cloud App from the Google Play Store

2. Ensure you have created a Thinkware Cloud Account, and have logged in.

3. On your smartphone go to Settings > Mobile Hotspot. Ensure your Hotspot is disabled and write down your Personal Hotspot SSID and Wi-Fi Password.

*Assure the Personal Hotspot Password is fairly simple. If the password is very complex the dash cam may not recognize the connection.

*Ensure that your Mobile Hotspot has allowed all devices to connect.


4. Open the Thinkware Cloud App. Select the following from the main screen.

① Dashcam connection is required ② Your Dash Cam Model ③ Connect


5. You will now be asked if it is the first connection with the dash cam. If you have not connected with this Hotspot Device specifically before, select ④ Yes, it is

6. To complete the Hotspot Setup, we must first connect via WiFi as prompted by the Thinkware Cloud App.

Press the Wi-Fi button once on your dashcam itself to activate the Wi-Fi.

*WiFi LED will blink green when searching for Wi-Fi.


Once you hear "On your smartphone connect to a Wi-Fi network whose name starts with Thinkware" Click ⑥ Next


7. Open your ⑦ Phone Settings > Wi-Fi.

8. Select the Wi-Fi network ⑧ 'Thinkware_xx' (e.g. Thinkware_68) 

9. Enter the default password ⑨ '123456789' and click ⑩ Connect

*Internet may not be available is a normal message to see. Please disregard.


10. Confirm in your Phone Settings that you are connected to the Thinkware WiFi.   'Thinkware_xx' *If this disconnects immediately, please refer to [Android] Switch to Mobile Data.

11. Open the Thinkware Cloud App. You will hear "Connected to a smartphone" and the Green LED will stay solid.

12. Leaving the Personal Hotspot disabled, input the ⑬  Personal Hotspot SSID and Password we wrote down in Step 3, then press  Input Complete.


13. Next the dash cam will announce "Disconnected from a smartphone, The device will find a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Turn on your personal Hotspot".

*The WiFi LED will begin blinking blue.


14. Go to  Phone Settings > Mobile Hotspot and enable your  Personal Hotspot.


15. Stay on the Mobile Hotspot Settings screen until the following occurs;

      a. Solid Blue WiFi LED on the dash cam.

      b. Dash Cam will announce "Connected to the Internet"

*After 2 minutes if the dash cam is unable to find the hotspot there will be a verbal announcement. Please restart from Step 3.

*If you reopen the Thinkware Cloud App before the Hotspot is connected, the connection will fail. Restart from Step 3.

16. Once you have confirmed the three conditions above have been met reopen the Thinkware Cloud App.

You should see ⑰ Registration Confirmation.

17. Next you will be asked to agree to the Service Terms. ⑱ Click on each of the 3 Service Terms.

18. Lastly, select ⑲ "Agreed to all" to confirm the Service Terms.


You are now connected via Hotspot to your Dash Cam!

If you have any questions or concerns with the Hotspot Setup, please reach out to our team atsupport@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273.

Reconnection Process:

1. Turn on the ignition of the vehicle. The dash cam will power on in Continuous Mode with the WiFi LED blinking blue.


2. Ensure the Mobile Hotspot on your smartphone has been enabled. This will take approximately 30 seconds to reconnect automatically.

Wait to hear "Connected to the Internet". The WiFi LED should also be a Solid Blue.

3. The Dash Cam is now connected to the Hotspot for the Thinkware Cloud Features.


Your Smartphone may disconnect from the Thinkware Cloud App after timing out or the phone's screen turning off. You will hear "Disconnected from a Smartphone".

However, the Blue LED should remain solid as the dash cam is still connected to the internet.

Simply reopen the Thinkware Cloud App and you will hear "Connected to a Smartphone" once more.

If the Thinkware Cloud App does not recognize you are connected.

If the Thinkware Cloud app does not recognize that you are connected via Hotspot, ensure the 3 below conditions have been met.

 a. ⑰ Solid Blue WiFi LED on the dash cam.

 b. Dash Cam will announce"Connected to the Internet"

If the conditions have been met and the Thinkware Cloud App does not show that you are connected, please complete the following process:

1. Close the Thinkware Cloud App from running in the background of your smartphone.

2. Select ㉔ Not Connected > Connect via Hotspot


 You should now be connected to the Thinkware Cloud App via Hotspot!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Hotspot Connection to your Thinkware Dash Cam please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273 for further assistance. 

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