[PC] How to Update Safety Camera Data

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**The Safety Camera Data update must be done separately from the Firmware Update

Why update the Safety Camera Data?

The Safety Camera feature uses the GPS (Built-in or external GPS Antenna). Enabling Safety Cameras will allow the Dash Cam to give sound warnings regarding Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras in your area.

*Requires GPS to function. 

Does my Dash Cam have GPS?

Dash Cam Model Does my Dash Cam have GPS?
U1000 Built-In
Q800PRO Built-In
F800PRO Built-In
F800 Built-In
F750 Built-In
F770 Built-In
FA200 Optional Accessory
F200 Optional Accessory
F100 Optional Accessory
F70 Optional Accessory
F50 Optional Accessory
X330 Optional Accessory
X350 Optional Accessory
X500 Optional Accessory
X550 Optional Accessory
X700 Optional Accessory


How to Update the Safety Camera Data 

1) Remove the Thinkware SD Card from the Dash Cam. Insert the SD card into the adapter and insert it into a computer.

2) Open SD Card in the File Explorer. 



3) Go to ① Thinkware.com > ②  Go to Support > ③ Downloads


4)  Select ④ your Dash Cam series (i.e. U series) > Select ⑤ your Dash Cam model (i.e. U1000) > Select ⑥ "Speed Camera" > Click ⑦ "Download"


5) Once the download is complete, ⑧ open the downloaded file 


6) Select ⑨ and copy smartguidepoint.dx2


7) Once copied, Go back to ⑩ SD Card file (i.e. U1000) 


8) Select ⑪ folder "driveinfo" 


9) Paste the ⑫ smartguidepoint.dx2 onto the driveinfo folder



Once you are done, safely remove the SD Card from the computer and insert it back into the Dash Cam.

 The camera will normally power up and say "continuous recording will now start."

You have successfully updated the Safety Camera Data!


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