[Mac] How to Update Firmware

For instructions on how to Update Firmware using Windows, click here.

What is updating firmware? 

A firmware update will upgrade your dash cam with updated operational instructions without needing any upgrade in hardware. 

Firmware updates are released to improve the functions of our Dash Cams. Firmware updates can enhance the dashcam’s capabilities or fix ongoing issues.

Firmware updates are frequently used for troubleshooting purposes if an issue occurs with the dashcam.

By updating the device's firmware, the dash cam’s current firmware is erased and replaced.

Download the latest Firmware

The latest firmware for all Thinkware dash cam's can be downloaded here.

*It is recommended to update the Speed Cam Data separately to ensure this is the latest version.

How to Update the Firmware on Mac OS

1. Remove the MicroSD Card from the Dash Cam.


2. Insert the MicroSD into the included Transflash adapter or USB Reader. 


3. Insert the Transflash adapter or USB Reader into your Mac Computer.


4. Format the SD Card

5. Download the latest Firmware Version for your Thinkware Dash Cam.

6. Once downloaded, open the file.


7. The Firmware Folder will contain the following files.

NOTE: *The U3000 and Q1000 contain only one file (pkg.bin)

           *Some firmware contains 3 or less files

File Name
driveinfo folder containing smartguidepoint.dx2
Setting folder containing default.cfg
boot.bin *dependant on the model, not found in all firmware updates.


8. Select all files in the downloaded firmware folder and select Copy. 


9. Select the MicroSD Card (e.g. F800PRO) from the left side panel. Right-click in the empty space and select Paste.


10. The Firmware Files will now be pasted to the MicroSD Card for the Dash Cam.


11. Select the eject button in the left-side panel to safely eject the MicroSD Card from your Mac Computer.


12. Insert the MicroSD Card into the Dash Cam while it is powered off.

13. Power on the dash cam. You will hear “Update will now start”.

This may take a few minutes to complete.

Ensure the Dash Cam stays powered on for the duration of the update.

*If powered off during the update, this may cause a fatal error to the dash cam.

Once you hear “Update Complete; Continuous Recording will now start” you are safe to power off or use the Dash Cam regularly. 

You have successfully updated the Firmware of your Dash Cam!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Firmware Updates on your Mac Computer, please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273.

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