Internet may not be available

What does "Internet may not be available" mean?

When connecting to the Dash Cam via WiFi on your Android Phone, you may see the message "Internet may not be available" when in your phone's WiFi Settings while connecting to Thinkware WiFi Network. 

This message is telling you that the WiFi network selected (Thinkware) does not have access to the Internet. 

The WiFi pairing of the Dash Cam is a direct pairing of the phone to the dashcam itself, therefore you will not be able to access google, etc when connected.

To connect the Dash Cam to the Internet for Cloud Services, Hotspot* is required.

*Hotspot available on the F800PRO, Q800PRO, and U1000 models only.

Does this message affect connecting to the Dash Cam?

If you have the Smart Networking Switch enabled on your smartphone, this may cause the smartphone to disconnect from the Dash Cams WiFi not allowing you to connect for more than a few seconds or minutes.

Ensure that you have disabled this setting before connecting to the Dash Cam. 

How to disable the Smart Networking Switch?

This setting can be found in the Advanced WiFi Settings Section.

On most Android devices this setting can be found in the top right of the WiFi Settings Page.

Click the ⋮ Symbol, and select Advanced. 

The name of this setting varies by the device and may be called;

Switch to Mobile Data

Smart Network Switch

Avoid bad WiFi connections

Adaptive WiFi

[iOS] WiFi Assist

Once you have disabled this setting;

Connect to the Dash Cam via WiFi. You will continue to see this message while connecting via WiFI. As long as the Smart Network Switch has been disabled, ignore this message.

For instructions on connecting with an Android Device, click here.

For instructions on connecting with an Apple Device, click here.





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