How to Install the Echomaster OBD-II Harness

Follow the instructions below to install the Echomaster OBD-II Harness with your Thinkware Dash Cam. Please be advised that Thinkware's customer support is unable to provide in-depth technical information as each vehicle is different. 

We highly recommend professional installation, as a technician will be able to determine the best method of installation for your vehicle type.

*OBD-II Harness is not compatible with Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

How to Install the Echomaster OBD-II Harness:

1. Locate the OBD-II connector in the vehicle and release it from the mounting surface.

This may require the removal of two 7 or 8mm nuts from the studs securing it to under the dash or by depressing the two side clips, with a plastic dash trim tool, securing it behind the drop-down plastic cover.


2. Connect the male end of the included plug-n-play HWK-TW01HAR to the vehicle's factory OBD-II connector.


3. Secure the OBD-II connector and the harness together using one of the included wire ties and cut off any excess wire tie that is not needed.


4. For the Nut and Bolt style mounting system: Place the ears of the connectors over the factory studs and replace and tighten the fasteners removed in step 1. Use the included self-tapping screws to secure if this connector is not a factory fit.

For the clip-in style mounting system: Feed the body of the harness into the dash opening and secure the connector to the dash using the included self-tapping screws.

5. Remove the A-Pillar trim panel.

Once removed, route the Thinkware power cable over to the driver side of the vehicle, up the A-Pillar and across the front of the headliner so that it exits the headliner above the rearview mirror.

*When routing cables near the side curtain airbag, be sure to route them in a way that will not impact the airbags’ ability to deploy in the event of an accident.

6. Bundle and secure all leftover cables.


7. With the vehicle’s ignition in the OFF position, connect the IGN-3F to the 10-Pin Molex connector located on the HWK-TW01-HAR.


8. With the vehicle’s ignition in the OFF position and the IGN-3F plugged in, the LED should be emitting a slow consistent flash. The LED will change from a flashing state to being ON solid once you start the vehicle.

When the LED is ON solid, a phantom ignition signal will be sent to the dash cam to turn it on and will remain on during the event of a start/stop sequence. The LED and dash cam will turn off 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the vehicle is shut down.

9. Using the included wire tie, secure the module and the factory OBD-II junction under the dash or kick panel in a way that will not impact the airbags’ ability to deploy in the event of an accident.

You have now successfully installed the Echomaster OBD-II Harness!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Echomaster OBD-II Installation, please reach out to our team at or 1-844-865-9273.


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