How to Hide the Dash Cam Cables

How to Hide the Dash Cam Cables

Thinkware's customer support is not authorized to provide in-depth technical information on the hardwiring installation because every vehicle is different.

Please note that we strongly recommend professional installation as any damage to your vehicle or dashcam from an improper installation is not covered by our manufacturer's warranty. A technician can provide the best set-up for your vehicle make. 

Supplies Recommended:

1. Trim Removal Kit - Plastic Trim Removal Kits are encouraged as metal may cause damage to the vehicle.

1. Do your research

Start with doing vehicle-specific research. Information can be found in either the User's Manual or Online Forums.  

Information Required:

1. Vehicle Wiring Diagram

2. Air Bag Locations

3. How to Remove the Trim Pieces

2. Route the wires with the OEM Cable Management

 The Vehicle's manufacturer has run cables for electrical systems (in most cases under the doorsill.

Remove the Trim Piece and run the dashcam cables along with the factory wiring of the vehicle for a clean install.

3. Wiring along the A-Pilar

Most vehicles have an airbag behind the A-Pillar, take your time when removing this piece, and ensure not to puncture or damage the airbag.

You will see the OEM Cable Management behind the airbag. Run the Dash Cam Cable along with these cables for a clean install. Ensure the wiring does not impede the airbag and is secured with wire clips, tape or zap-straps. 

4. Weather Strips

You can run the wires underneath the weather strips of your vehicle. This may bulge, but will not create any damage.



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