[PC] How to Format the MicroSD Card

What is Formatting the MicroSD Card?

Memory card formatting is the process of preparing the MicroSD Card for data storage. It cleans the SD Card by removing previously existing files on the card and creating a new file system.

Unlike erasing, formatting improves the overall performance of the SD Card. Due to the constant overwriting cycles with your Thinkware Dash Cam, we recommend formatting regularly to extend the lifespan of your MicroSD Card.

If you don't format the card regularly, a bad block may result in a corrupt file.


Formatting the MicroSD Card will erase all files.

How to Format the MicroSD Card on a Windows PC

1. Remove the MicroSD Card from the Dash Cam.


2. Insert the MicroSD into the included Transflash adapter or USB Reader. 


3. Insert the Transflash adapter or USB Reader into your PC Computer.


4. Open ① File Explorer.


5. On the left sidebar look for the ② MicroSD Card, then select it.


*If not found in the left sidebar, look under "This PC"

*If not found under This PC, ensure the adapter is recognizing the MicroSD Card properly.

6. Right-click ③  the name of the MicroSD Card and select Format


7. Select the correct ⑤ File System for your SD Card Size. Then select ⑥ Start.

SD Card Size File System Allocation Unit Size
8GB / 16GB / 32GB FAT32 (default) 32 kb
64GB / 128GB ExFAT Default Allocation Unit size


8. Select ⑦ OK

*All Files will be erased.


9. Once formatting has been completed, select OK10-1.png


You have successfully formatted your MicroSD Card in your PC Computer! You can now download Firmware, or re-insert back into the dash cam.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding formatting your MicroSD Card please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273.

Format Error

If you encounter the following error message, unfortunately, the SD Card has become corrupt and cannot be formatted. This SD Card will need to be replaced.

Windows was Unable to Complete the Format Error - How to Fix



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