OBD-II Harness Issues

Is the OBD-II Harness Causing the Dash Cam to switch to Parking Mode randomly, or not at all?

If you are experiencing any power issue with the Echomaster or Thinkware OBD-II Harness it is best to remove and re-install the cable.

If the Dash Cam is not going into Parking Mode, ensure that the Parking Mode Setting has been enabled.

Please know that OBD-II Cables are not compatible with hybrid or electric vehicles. 

How to Install the OBD-II Harness;

Ensure to follow the instructions on the Installation Manual attached. If you are still experiencing an issue with the OBD-II Harness please contact our support team through: 




*Please note that only the Echomaster Thinkware OBD-II Harness is the only OBD-II Harness compatible with Thinkware Dash Cams.


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