Always-On 12V Port / Automobile Auxiliary Power Outlet



Some cars are equipped with an always-on 12V automobile auxiliary power outlet. This means that when you turn the engine off, the port continues to receive power and will continue to power up any device that's plugged in.

We highly advise against using the 12V Car Charger to power your Thinkware Dash Cam if your vehicle has the always-on automobile auxiliary power outlet, as this will not allow you to use Parking Mode.

The Dash Cam will continue to run in its Continuous Mode with the ignition off and on, which will cause Battery Drain.

Using the 12V with an Always-On Outlet

If you do wish to use the 12V Car Charger with the always-on outlet, ensure to manually unplug the power cable from the dashcam or outlet each time when leaving the vehicle to prevent drainage.






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