How to Install the Thinkware Sports M1

Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or a backcountry explorer on an ATV, the versatile Thinkware M1 Motorsports Cam is a 1080p all-terrain camera you can install on your vehicle to capture all of your adrenaline-filled motorsports adventures.


Please note that we strongly recommend the professional installation of the Thinkware M1.

You are welcome to attempt the installation yourself, however, Thinkware and its affiliates will not be held liable for any product or vehicle damages, or personal injuries sustained by you or others during the installation. 

*The M1 can only be installed on vehicles with a Fuse Box.

Items Required for Installation

1. Thinkware M1 Camera

2. Circuit Tester or Multimeter

3. Fuse Pullers or Pliers

4. Tools needed for removing fairings and body panels

5. Fuse Taps and Extra Fuses

How to Install the M1 Dash Cam

1.  Attach the main unit to the inner part of the motorcycle, such as the inside of the seat. Firmly attach the product to the motorcycle. The product may become detached while driving if it is not firmly attached.


2. Turn off the motorcycle, and ground the circuit tester. Locate an Accessory Fuse.

*Ensure to not use fuses for the critical components of the vehicle.

3. After you have located the accessory fuse, turn on the ignition and test again to ensure this has power only when the vehicle is on.

4. Use either the Fuse Taps or wrap the wire around the metal contacts of the fuse, then reinsert the Fuse back into the Fuse Box.

5. Locate a non-coated metal contact for the ground wire.

6. Before mounting, turn on the ignition and ensure the device is working correctly. When looking at the Remote Module, the LED should be on.

*Ensure both the Front and Rear cams are connected otherwise the system will not power on.

7. Remove the protective film from the mount and attach it to a place where the cameras can record both front and rearview.


*Before attaching the product, wipe the installation surface of the windshield with a dry cloth. If foreign objects remain on the surface and the product cannot be attached firmly, it may become detached from the installation location while driving.

8.  Remove the protective film from the remote control, and attach it where it can be used easily without obstructing vehicle operation.


9. Attach the camera to the mount as indicated by the horizontal reference point, and firmly tighten the screws using a wrench.

*Tighten the bolts firmly to fix the front/rear camera to the mount. The camera may become detached from the mount while driving if the screws are not firmly tightened.


10. Insert the camera cable into the camera port by lining up the guide marks ( ) on the camera cable and the port. Rotate the port clockwise until it is tight to secure the connection.


11. Hide all the wires, determining the best route for the cables based on your bike model.

The Thinkware M1 Cam has been successfully installed!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the M1 Installation, please reach out to our team at or 1-844-865-9273.




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