How to Install the CPL Filter

What is the CPL Filter?

The Circular Polarizing Filter reduces glare and reflections from the windshield of your vehicle, as well as correcting overexposed footage, enhancing colour saturation and clarity, and improving the quality of recordings overall.

The CPL Filter is compatible with all Thinkware Front and Rear Dash Cams.

Contents of CPL Package

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • CPL Filter

How to Install the CPL Filter

1. Unpackage the contents of the CPL filter package.

2. Use the included cleaning cloth to clean the lens of your Dash Cam.

3. Once the lens is clean, remove the blue protective film from the CPL filter.


4. Line up the guide points vertically with the lens of the camera and press the CPL filter onto the lens with the crescent-shaped adhesive pads facing the camera.



You have successfully installed the CPL Filter!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation of the CPL Filter, please reach out to our team at or 1-844-865-9273.

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