How to Install a Rear View Camera

Why should I add a Rear Dash Cam?

Add the rearview dash cam for complete front and rear surveillance. Thinkware Rear View Cameras can record crystal clear and detailed footage.

Installed on the rear window featuring a wide viewing angle, record video and detect motion occurring at the rear of your vehicle.

Items Required for Installation

1. Thinkware Rear Camera and connecting cable

2. Microfibre Cloth

3. Glass Cleaner

Choosing an Installation Location

Select a location on the rear windshield where there is no defrost grid wire and the camera can record the entire rear view clearly.


* For vehicles with a sunshade attached to the rear windshield, select a location where using the sunshade will not interfere with camera operation.

How to Install a Rear Dash Cam

1. Clean the inside of the rear windshield with the glass cleaner and microfibre cloth. A clean windshield helps ensure a stronger bond of the adhesive to the glass.


2. Remove the red plastic covering off of the adhesive pad on the rear camera and remove the plastic covering from the lens.


3. Before mounting ensure that the Thinkware logo is facing the inside of the cabin of the vehicle.

If the Thinkware logo is facing toward the rear windshield itself, the footage will be upside down.  


*Installing the X1000 rear camera requires a different setup. The Thinkware logo should be facing outside.  

4. Adjust the camera angle so that the hood of the vehicle covers 1/4 - 1/8 of the screen while viewing the live view screen.


*Check the installation location before you secure the rear camera to the rear windshield. After securing the rear camera to the windshield, it is hard to remove the camera or change the installation location due to the strong adhesive.

5. Securely press the Rear Camera to the rear windshield to mount. Ensure the lens itself is centered on the windshield, and not the camera's body.

5. Plug in the connecting cable to the V-IN Port on the front and rear dash cams.


* For the U3000 rear camera. make sure that the cable is installed accordingly, the rear end with the mark 'R' connects to the rear camera while the end marked with 'F' connects to the front camera. There should also be a clicking sound when connected. 

If the Front Dash Cam is powered on when attaching the rear cam, you should hear "Rear Cam Connected, the system will now restart".

You have now successfully installed your Thinkware Rear Cam!

We advise checking the Live View / Recorded files from the rear cam to ensure this is working correctly upon installation.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Rear Cam installation, please reach out to our team at or 1-844-865-9273.



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