RADAR Module

Pair the Radar Module with the U1000/X1000/Q1000 Dash Cam to extend its parking surveillance duration while reducing power consumption when set to Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

What is the RADAR Module?

The Thinkware RADAR Module is an optional accessory compatible with the U1000, X1000, and Q1000 Dash Cams, that increases the recording duration of Impact video files in Energy Savings Mode 2.0.

How does the RADAR Module work?

The RADAR Module will detect the motion of a vehicle-sized object and allow the dash cam to prepare to save an event clip.

If an impact is detected, a 20-second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a dedicated folder on the MicroSD card.

When no impacts are detected, the dash cam does not save the footage and resumes Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

RADAR Module vs Energy Savings Mode 2.0

When using Energy Savings Mode 2.0, The dash cam is on standby until an impact is detected.

When an impact is detected, the dash cam takes 1 second to boot up and begin to record a 20-second video.

Energy Savings Mode 2.0 (No RADAR)

When paired with the RADAR Module, the dash cam is able to capture the 10-second time frame before the impact occurred to the vehicle.

Energy Savings Mode 2.0 (with RADAR)


RADAR Compatibility

The Thinkware RADAR Module is compatible with the U1000, X1000, and Q1000 Dash Cams.

RADAR Installation

For further instructions for installation, click here. 

RADAR Disclaimer

  • The RADAR module is only active when the Energy Savings Mode 2.0 Parking Mode is selected.
  • Sedan or greater-sized vehicles can be detected. People passing by will not be detected.
  • Energy Saving Mode 2.0 will disable all THINKWARE CLOUD & CONNECTED features.
  • Not every object is guaranteed to be detected.
  • Metal objects can cause malfunction of radar detection.
  • Parking Surveillance requires Hardwiring Cable, OBD-II Power Cable, or iVolt Battery Pack and installation (professional installation recommended)

RADAR Specifications

  • Detection Distance Range: approx. 7m
  • Detection Horizontal Angle Range: approx. 80°
  • Detection Vertical Angle Range: approx. 35°
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 48 x 36 x 42mm (1.89 x 1.42 x 1.65 in)
  • Weight: 57.4g (0.126 lb)
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃~75℃

RADAR Parking Mode Duration


Motion Detection Parking Mode

Energy Saving Mode 2.0 + Radar On








208.8 mA



45.2 mA




274.5 mA



45.2 mA




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