[Thinkware Cloud] How to Download Video Files

The Thinkware Cloud App allows you to playback the videos recorded by the Dash Cam, as well as download and save these videos to your smartphone's camera roll.

When an incident occurs, we recommend downloading the needed video files as quickly as possible to prevent the chance of overwriting.

How to Download and Export Videos

1. Connect to your dash cam via Wi-Fi.

2. Once connected, select File List then select your desired ② Folder 


3. Choose the video you want to download, select the ③    symbol, then select ④ Download.

*To download multiple files simultaneously select the pen-on-square-of-paper-interface-symbol_icon-icons.com_56779.png symbol in the top-right.


The video will now download to the Internal Memory of the Thinkware Cloud App.


5. Once completed, the video file is saved to the Downloaded Videos Folder within the Thinkware Cloud App.

To export the downloaded video file to your smartphone's camera roll, select Downloaded Videos from the File List Menu.


6. Choose the video you want to download, select the ⑥  symbol, then select ⑦  Export.


You have successfully downloaded the video file to your camera roll!

The video will now show in your photo files in its own album titled "Thinkware Dash Cam". *dependant on smartphone type

*If the videos are still not downloading, ensure that all permissions for the app including access to the camera roll are enabled, you can exit and re-enter the app and try again. 

For further assistance please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273.


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