[Thinkware Dashcam Link - Android] How to Connect via Wi-Fi

Unlike our other dash cams, the Q1000 now features Wi-Fi device pairing using Bluetooth to the Thinkware Link App to playback videos and alter the dash cam settings.

Compatible Dash Cams

  • Q1000


Please be aware that when connected via Wi-Fi the dash cam is not recording. 

The Wi-Fi connection will time out and disconnect if inactive.

Ensure to disconnect from the dash cam's Wi-FI before beginning to drive.

Connection LED Status


How to Connect via Wi-Fi using Bluetooth

1. Turn on the vehicle's ignition to begin the dash cam in its Continuous Recording Mode.

*Must be within the vehicle with the ignition on, to connect via Bluetooth.

2. Open the Thinkware Link App on your smartphone.

Select ① Dashcam connection is required > Q1000


3.  Hold the Connection Button wifi.svg on the dash cam until the blue LED begins blinking rapidly.


4. Select the "Bluetooth Connection" button in the Thinkware Link App.

5.  Select "Pair" in the pop-up.

6. Select "Connect" in the pop-up.


7. You will hear "Connected to a smartphone." The dash cams blinking blue LED will turn green  


You are now connected via Wi-Fi to the Q1000 Dash Cam!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Wi-Fi connection, please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273

If you wish to use the Thinkware Connected App for Connected Features please click, here.

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