[Thinkware Dashcam Link - iOS] How to Connect via Wi-Fi

Most Thinkware Dash Cams feature built-in Wi-Fi to playback videos and alter the dash cam settings.

Compatible Dash Cams

  • F200, FA200, F200 PRO
  • F790
  • F800
  • M1
  • DC-M2-FG


Please be aware that when connected via Wi-Fi the dash cam is not recording. 

The Wi-Fi will time out and disconnect if inactive or the screen on your smartphone turns off. 

Ensure to disconnect from the dash cam's Wi-Fi before beginning to drive.

How to Connect via Wi-Fi 

1. Turn on the vehicle's ignition to begin the dash cam in its Continuous Recording Mode.

*Must be within the vehicle with the ignition on, to connect via Wi-Fi.

2. Open the Thinkware Dash Cam Link App on your smartphone.

Select ①  Dashcam Connection is Required > Your Dash Cam Model


3. Press the Wi-Fi Button once on the Dash Cam.

4. You will hear "Connect to a Wi-Fi Network whose name starts with Thinkware"

5. Once you hear the verbal message, select Next.


6. Go to ⑥  iPhone Settings > Wi-Fi 

7. Select the Wi-Fi Network 'Thinkware_xx' (e.g. Thinkware_68)

8. Enter the default password  '123456789' and select  Join.


9. Confirm ⑩  'Thinkware_xx' is connected in the iPhone Settings.


*If the Thinkware Wi-Fi disconnects or disappears immediately, please refer to Disabling Wi-Fi Assist.

*"No Internet Connection" is a normal message, please disregard it.

10. Reopen the Thinkware Dash Cam Link App. You will hear "Connected to a Smartphone".


You are now connected via Wi-Fi to your Thinkware Dash Cam!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Wi-Fi connection to the dash cam, please reach out to our team at support@thinkware.com or 1-844-865-9273.

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